Thursday, June 9, 2016

It's Not Summer Yet, but....

The mint is ready, and we have a bumper crop.
So, this morning when the air was cool, I set aside time to cut some mint.
I cut enough mint to fill the dehydrator
3 times
hardly a dent was made in the crop of mint.

The neighbors have asked if they could take some.
If my knee had not been hurting, 
I would have dug some up for their yard and planted it for them.

I'll have plenty of mint for tea this winter.  I'm sure I won't have to buy any mint tea.

My neighbor is such an innovative gardener.  She grows stevia and mint together.  Then she dries them together.  When she makes mint tea, she has her sweetener mixed in.   Sandy convinced me to grow stevia, too, but I don't have enough to dry, yet.
I've bought the processed stevia in the grocery store.  
It's nasty.
This home grown stevia is the best!  When my stevia grows enough, I will mix my mint with it to dry.  Should be good, and it will keep me warm this winter.

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