Thursday, September 1, 2016

August Melts into September

The seasons change again.
August has melted into September
like the wicked witch of the west
melted when the misguided 
bucket of water hit her.
"I'm melting!  I'm melting," she cried.
So, August is over and September has begun.

What do I think of you, Dear September?
I think I love you!
The heat will cool.
The air conditioner will be shut off.
The windows will be open again,
and fresh air will fill the house.

The first frost will tip toe into the air.
Unless it's a killing frost, the pumpkins will not sweeten up.
The vines will die, and the harvest will begin.
On many nights, we'll cover the surviving plants until the evenings are so cold that nothing will save the vines from death.
The good news is that the harvest will be ready.
We'll have potatoes, pumpkins, and what's left of the tomatoes will be on the window sills ripening.

We'll pull out our sweatshirts and light weight sweaters and jackets.
Jeans are so comfortable,
unless the hangars have shrunk the jeans  again.

September, you will lead us into October which brings us closer to winter.
Leaves will be blown into bags.
We'll celebrate a cool, warm day!
That's one of the benefits of autumn.

I think of the ancient ones who walked or rode horses where we now have streets.
Oh, September, I'm anxious to embrace you as I loosen my hold on August.
Let's dance until it's too cold to move.
Now, I'll love you!!!!

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