Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Thoughts about Tuesday

If Tuesday were a place,Tuesday would be an ordinary place.  Monday is extraordinary because Monday begins he week.    Tuesday is just Tuesday because it follows Monday.  Like the middle child, Tuesday's place is set in the week and often neglected because it’s the day after Monday. 

For most people, Tuesday is a workday.  We have passed Monday, and we are headed to the weekend, but we are still a long way from that weekend on Tuesday.  Meh.  It’s Tuesday.

If Tuesday were a city,  Tuesday would be dull.  People who lived in Tuesday would all look like someone who could not be picked out of a line up because their faces were very much the same.  Their houses would be plain, not exciting.  Their children would live in Tuesday World, and they'd never know a Monday or any other day except for Friday, because on Friday, even though the people would be grateful,  their lives would be stuck in Tuesday.

I am so grateful that I don't live in Tuesday.  Tuesday is not extraordinary. Wait, I think I do!

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