Monday, September 26, 2016

Random Thoughts on a Cloudy Day

I think I need more sleep.  I slept in, on Sunday, until almost 9 AM today.  (I went to Mass yesterday, so there was no need to set the alarm. )  I dragged around all day Sunday. I took a morning nap, too.  I guess I'm not sleeping enough.  That needs to change.

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I'm entering some of the "Gals" into a juried art show tomorrow.  They all have names now.  In frame #1, it's Felicity, Doris (pronounced Daw-ris), and Sabrina.
In the single frame, Fatima is her name.

I guess I have to get used to cloudy days again.  It is fall.  This will be interesting.  I'll be pulling out my Happy Lights.

My daughter is an amazing cook.  She makes a killer pasta and a tomato and potato soup, yes, she combines them, that are to die for, literally.  Wow!  If she writes these recipes down, I'll post them here, too.  The FB friends are waiting for them.  She makes her own pasta sauce from scratch.  Wow!

Fred, the cat, seems to be accepting that Pixie will be living with him now, and that she's a dog, not a cat.  Ok, Fred would rather she were a cat, but he thinks she's a very bad cat, as cats go.  So far, they cannot be friends.  Marvin, the cat, is more accepting.

The tomatoes have slowed down.  I think there is only one cucumber left on the wilted vines.  There might be a  couple of small pumpkins left there.  It was a great growing season!  The summer was perfect for the crops.  Next year we'll have even more crops to harvest!

My next random thought is:  Thank you for being a reader.  I'm not sure how many people read my posts, but thank you, if you do.


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