Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Blog Post Can be an Event: The End of the Soap Making Season

For me, it's a season:
Soap Making.
I make soap in my garage because of the fumes from the lye.
The garage door must be open.
The time, I have found to be the best for making soap, is either early spring or early fall.
This year, the season was early fall. 
Today, the season ended.
The last soap was made with olive oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, and rose petals harvested fresh from the garden.  
There is no fragrance, but it's pretty soap.
The extra soap bars will be given as gifts.
Personally, I love my soap!
Next year, when soap season begins, 
I might even try soap in layers. 
We'll see.
For now, the season has finished. 

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