Saturday, October 1, 2016

I Honestly Forgot About This Until I Received the Email

Of course, I am running behind
I didn't find a category that would cover my topic, 
so, you can find me under
Too Awesome to Categorzie
probably a little bit behind.
My plan, right now,
it's subject to change is to explore the world of 
polymer clay.

A Bit of My History with polymer clay.
I began to work with polymer clay about 4 or 5 years ago after it became apparent that I needed to keep my hands and mind very busy to pull myself out of a deep depression into which I had fallen.  My daughter had been diagnosed with an incurable cancer called multiple myeloma.  There were times when I would move in with her, for extended periods of time,  to help her out.  I couldn't take my glass studio along with me when I was with her, so after trying other types of art such as felting and jewelry, I began to explore the world of polymer clay.

I am  still busy with polymer clay.  My daughter is doing well, and she has moved in with me.  Experimentation and exploration are the words I would use to describe what I do with polymer clay.
Let's Talk Doodles

I've only recently begun to explore doodling with clay.  I am also exploring different types of mediums on which to put my clay.  I used a cardboard backing for this piece.  I plan to change things a bit with my doodles and see if there are some pendants in doodling.  I have a feeling there will be so, stay tuned.
In the Meantime

Here's how I made this particular doodle.  Oh, do you see the bird in it?  I began with a sheet of white clay that I put on a piece of corrugated cardboard.  I rolled out ropes of black clay in different thicknesses, and I simply began to doodle.  When I was finished, I pulled out the alcohol inks and dripped drops of inks onto the canvas.  I dabbed up the colors with a baby wipe.  When I was finished with this process, I baked this piece for 50 minutes.  I have one more step to complete this piece, and I'm not sure how I will accomplish the shine I think this needs.  
Again, stay tuned and welcome to my site.

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