Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Blog Post Can Be Something You Show: Mushroom Heads

I firmly believe that I am being drawn to a different type of 
rather than the bead and component aspect of polymer clay.
Things have happened,
and I won't go into details,
that have encouraged me to look at  sculptural art
as a means of expression.
I prefer 
So, let me introduce you to the
Mushroom Heads.
They are pieces, formerly 
jewelry components,
that are now attached to make them
Mushroom Heads.
As I cleaned out my other beads,
I found some I had saved, rather than thrown away.
Suddenly, I knew.
Mushroom Heads in a bed of roses.

Now, I have to figure out a base for them.
I'm sure something will turn up for the
Mushroom Heads.

Any suggestions?

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