Thursday, October 6, 2016

OK: Off topic again. It's been a beautiful day to make soap.

This is coconut oil soap still in liquid form.
It's cooking in my crockpot.
That's a faster way to make soap 
and let it cure.
When the soap cools, I will cut it immediately.
I didn't realize that if you don't cut the soap right away,
you might end up with one
bar of soap.

It's still cooling, and as soon as it's solid,
I will cut the soap.

Next up will be a salt soap.
I've read that salt soap is really good for your skin.
We shall see.
The only thing is you need to increase the coconut oil by 70%.
That will be fun!

I started to make my own soaps 2 years ago.
I love these soaps!
I have dry skin, and, most of the time, I don't need to use lotion 
when I use these 
moisturizing bars.
Well, I'm at the bottom of my soap supply.
It's time to get the soap made before it's too cold to open my garage door.
The mixture of lye and water really smells.
You need good ventilation to make soap.
I've seen videos of people making soap in their kitchen.
I don't know how they do it.
The smell overwhelms me.
If you decide to make soap,
be very careful with the lye.

More later. 
I have to check the soap to see if it's  hard enough to cut.

More later.

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