Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Spike is by His Tree

My dog, Spike, is 11 years old now. His birthday was May 25th. When he turned 11 I felt that he needed a special present, so I bought him a laptop computer. Since he doesn't have thumbs, I am the one who has to use his gift. I use it everywhere. I even take it outside with us when Spike is "by his tree." This seems to be his favorite place to be. When we return from our daily walks, Spike will literally lay down on the ground so that he doesn't have to come in the house, even on cold, wet rainy days. Now, never mind that he has a backyard where he can run without a leash. That doesn't seem to matter. For him, the best time of his day comes when he is by his tree. He loves the area! I don't know why. He will, literally, lay by his tree for hours, which means that when he is out by his tree, I am outside, too. That's when I use his laptop. Today, it's very warm and becoming very humid. As a senior citizen now, Spike loves the warmth more than he did before. Walking in the heat is challenging, so we are up early in the morning to go for his w-a-l-k. Since I torch early, to avoid the heat, Spike has to wait, most reluctantly, to go by his tree. His tree it is. When I take my chair over near his tree, Spike becomes annoying and whines--until I move my chair out of his space. So, I sit in the garage now, out of the heat of the sun, but not under the shade of his tree, writing this blog, so that you will know how much Spike loves his tree!


Deb said...

Fabulous entry in your blog Mallory. It is so wonderful to put a real picture - to the mental image I have had when you have spoken of Spike's tree. He looks like a young suave dog in this photo - it seem hard to believe he's 11 - but I'm thrilled you bought him such a wonderfully special birthday present....lucky dog ;o)

Rita'z R-tistic Ramblez said...

Spike is perfectly lovely, amazing he is 11. He looks so sweet next to his tree. Thank heaven you have the garage for shade, bet he gets more breeze, though. :)

CreekHiker said...

I love Spike!