Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eight Things

Eight Things

The rules are:
1. Mention the name of the person who tagged you.
2. Do the lists of 8.
3. Tag 8 bloggers of your choice.
4. Let them know that they have been tagged!

I was tagged by Kelly of Kelly's Bead Studio.

Here we go....This tag is the eights:

Eight things I am looking forward to:

1. Getting home from the Bead and Button Show.
2. Picking up Spike
3. Torching again and applying what I learned at the Bead and Button Show
4. Getting ready for a show this week
5. Seeing my children again
6. Sleeping in my own bed
7. Watching Dr. Phil
8. Unpacking

Eight things I did yesterday:

1. Flew to the Twin Cities from Milwaukee
2. Had supper with my children
3. Played with Jenny's cat
4. Slept well
5. Showed off what I bought at the Bead and Button Show
6. Showed the kids my photos from the Bead and Button Show
7. Had a great talk with my kids
8. Watched TV

Eight things I wish I could do:

1. Melt glass without a pinched nerve
2. Make beads off mandrel
3. Get a cat
4. Eat without thinking of what I ate--the calories, carbs, and amounts
5. Walk every day
6. Go back to Medjugorje
7. Become and exceptional artitst
8. Support myself on my bead work (rofl)

Eight Shows I watch:
1. Scrubs
2. Dancing with the Stars
3. House
4. Dr. Phil
5. Oprah
6. The Closer
7. That's it!

Eight Blogs I'm going to Tag:
I'm not going to tag anyone. You have to tag yourself!

1 comment:

angelinabeadalina said...

I love reading about people in these lists :) Sounds like you had a great time with the kids, and sounds like you are also ready to get home and relax. All in all, the last week and a half sounds like the perfect combination of friends, family, and then the "ahhhh" moment when you walk back in the door at home.

P.S. You are an artist, my dear!