Thursday, June 4, 2009

Meet the Teachers at the Bead and Button Show

The room was full of some of the finest bead makers, sculptors, seed bead artisans, wire workers, in other words, you name the category, and it was represented during the Meet the Teachers Event at the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee. Pictured here is Laura Andrews (center) and friends. Laura is almost a neighbor since she originates out of Rochester, Minnesota, which is only about 75 miles from me. Be sure to check out her website. You'll be able to see some of her jewelry, and a photo of a kit I purchased from her. I love Laura's work! I'm anxious to get home and start to work on my kit. This event, like so many others, helps to make the Bead and Button Show an event to remember. More tomorrow. Today I took a class from Sara Sally LaGrand. I wanted to wait to show you photos from that class because I want you to see some of the beads! More later!


Deb said...

Oh my! I'm just looking at the size of THAT room in the background!

It looks like a great time is being had by teachers & students alike. I can't wait to see the results & hear more ;o)

angelinabeadalina said...

Such cool wire stuff when I clicked on her link! Keep on having a blast at B&B, Mallory, and thanks for taking us along with you!

Paula said...

I've been following your blog and it looks like your are having a BLAST!! Can't wait to hear all about your cermic bead making.