Monday, June 29, 2009


This was our official start of the triathlon. Please meet Molly, our unofficial mascot, for the triathlon. She wore her shirt proudly until she went in for a swim. She had a great time in the lake after the other athletes were finished.

The swimmers are heading into the cold water of Hiniker Pond. I heard it was very cold, but that didn't stop anyone!

The first runner is taking off after the swim!

The bikers are coming in. The race is almost over!

Now, what was I doing? I was helping these two lovely ladies cut fruit and bagels to supply for the athletes!

Now, was this fun? You betcha'!


angelinabeadalina said...

How cool is that?! Kudos to all the racers and volunteers!

Deb said...

Looks like a fabulous summer day Ms M. I'll bet that a great time was had by all.

Well done you for getting out there & helping :o)