Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An early Morning Walk with Pixie

Since we have been with Jenny,
Pixie and I have been taking many walks each day.
Here are some of our discoveries from
She leads me to the things she finds fascinating.
It's been fun!

This was our first stop on our walk.
Pixie loves this drainage ditch behind Jenny's home.
We go there frequently.

The rusty fire hydrant is another favorite stop for Pixie.
I guess all dogs are attracted to the fire hydrants of the world.
Look at the colors!
I think they would look great in a bead or fall necklace!
(I've got to get beads in this blog somehow.)

We walk on the grass between buildings.
This was the sky after a heavy rainfall.
It was so pretty!
We did walk fast because it looked like there was more on the way.
There was!

Pixie found the tree.
Just look at the acorns!
We are starting to see some shades of
Summer is weaving it's way through the seasons
way to quickly!

Pixie was absolutely fascinated with this pine cone. There must have been some good smells around it, because she pulls me there whenever we walk.

We did make it home before the rain fell again.
There are other paths to walk.
I'll show you those on another day!

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Nell Stanley said...

I find the stories about Pixie, and your walks, very interesting. Nice to wake up, and read. Thanks.