Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eco Friendly Jewelry

When I think of the oil spill in the Gulf, I think of how much more precious our environment should have become to us after this tragedy. I decided to use the search term: eco friendly and see what I could find.

The first item I found was this set of, get this, paper beads.

They don't look like paper to me, but if you read the description of how the artist makes her beads, you will see that they are paper, and they take a lot of physical labor to make them!
Check out: Artspell. She's even got a bagel that looks like you could eat it, and it's paper! This is amazing work!

How about some, get this, Recycled Guitar String Earrings!
Now how clever is that? I found these earrings at Cheap Date Jewelry! Can you image? What a clever idea. Be sure to check out her store for more creative pieces of jewelry!

How about this Soda Can set? If you can't recycle your aluminum, how about turning the cans into jewelry? How clever is that? Funky Recycling is full of soda can fun!

Here's a felt heart brooch embellished with a brass zipper!
I am continually impressed with the creativity of the eco friendly artists out there! This comes from Wooly Fabulous on Etsy.

Aren't these amazing finds? Do you have eco friendly items in your Etsy store or on your website? Let us know.


TesoriTrovati said...

I just used this as my subject for my 45 seconds at my BNI group! I was wearing a necklace using bottle cap flowers from Glass Garden Beads. I am collecting bottle caps for her of a local soda that is really fun. She is out of MN, too! I will check this references out. Thanks for sharing Mallory!
Enjoy the day!

Renée said...

Hi Mallory,
I'm Renee from artspell, and I just found your post about my beads thru the nifty shop stats tool! I just wanted to say thanks for posting about my item! I really LOVE recycling paper into various art forms- so nice when others appreciate something I enjoy doing. Thanks!