Friday, July 16, 2010

Three Beautiful Things This Week

Three Beautiful Things This Week was inspired by a wonderful blog that Clare writes called Three Beautiful Things. Everyday, Clare writes about 3 Beautiful Things that happen each day in her life. It's a wonderful blog! I can only hope to imitate her in a very small way.

1) I don't mind saying this has been one hell of a week. The firestorm we were engaged in this week has been one of the most enormous I have ever been through! I am so grateful for the amazing children I have! Their strength, their love, and their courage has impressed me to the point where I have no words! (That is a rare occurence!)
Jenny and Nick, thank you for being my children!

2) Because of this battle we are fighting, we have found tremendous support from friends and family. Some of our friends, we have never met in person, only on line. You have no idea how much we appreciate all of you standing by us during this challenging time in our lives.

3) Technology is playing a huge part in our lives--from cell phones, texting from our cell phones, computer technology, Facebook--All of these technological tools are at our beck and call, and we are so grateful for them because we can keep in constant communication, if necessary, and keep everyone updated on what's going on in the great battle we are living.

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