Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ten Things I Love

I was reading my favorite blogs the other day, and as I read Susan Lambert's blog, I decided this is a great idea! I'm changing it a bit. So, here are 10 things I love!

1) My children in no particular order.
2) Pixie Marie
3) Melting glass
4) Making beads
5) Pink
6) Wire work
7) Friends I've met - Friends I've never me
8) My Snuggie
9) My Lava Lamp
10) My new TV


Genie Sea said...

What a lovely list! So filled with love and fun! :)

Sharon Driscoll said...

Great list Mallory! I like the no particular order part, hahaha. You quack me up a whole lot and it makes me smile that I'm one of the friends you've met : - )

rosebud101 said...

Sharon, I'm thrilled that we met!!!!