Saturday, October 16, 2010

Only 2 Sales to Go to Reach 400 on Etsy!

Here's What's Going On In My Etsy Store!

Only two sales to go to reach 400 on Etsy!
These beads are called Fire Opals!
They are gorgeous!

Need an ornament full of fire?
Then this is the one for you!
The person who makes the 400th purchase will find extra goodies in their package!

Need some headpins? These headpins are very special.
They are attention getters no matter what you do with them!
Go, 400!

How about some funky earrings!
They are in the FOR JENNY Category!
All the money goes to Jenny!

Remember: My 400th Customer will find a nice SURPRISE in their box!


Pretty Things said...

That fire bead is awesome!

rosebud101 said...

After the show next weekend, I'm making more of those. I love them, too!