Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shopping Etsy Search Word - Birch Trees

I love birch trees! Try this search word yourself. See all the wonderful items you can find.

This set of coasters was made from a fallen tree. They were handmade, soaked in water, and any warping was sanded off. I love them! You can find these coasters in This Fine Day, which is a store full of bridal accessories.

Aren't these great? They are handmade wooden buttons! I found them in Wood Buttons store! Aren't they great? I can see them on a gorgeous scarf, hat, or coat. Wouldn't they be fun?

Have you ever seen earrings like this? I found them in Gauge Dear which features both faux and real gauges for the ear. These earrings are faux and will fit any piercing.

These autumn bridal shoes are amazing! I want them! They are in Nora Karen's store on Etsy. Take a look at all the wonderful shoes she has there! I think they are good for any event, and I would love these!

I'm truly pleased to see all the wonderful items I found searching birch trees. I didn't even begin to show you everything. Search for yourself and see what you find.

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