Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pixie's Walk Today

Well, she's tired now. We had a good walk. Some days our walks are very quiet, and we don't see anyone as we trek along the roads and sidewalks. Other days, like today, we met so many people, and Pixie was the star of the show.

Our first meeting was with a yapper. That little dog yapped and yapped and yapped. Pixie had enough of him, and she did something I had never seen her do before. She pounced at him. He was shocked, and he shut up. The owner was apologizing for her little mutt, but Pixie would have nothing to do with the little yapper. He was, clearly, not her friend Buck who lives across the street.

Our next meeting was with a runner. If I didn't know better, I would say that he was our Govenor, Tim Pawlenty. This jogger sure looked like him, a lot, but since there were no body guards running with him, I don't think it was. Anyway, he smiled at Pixie, yelled, "Greyhound?" as he ran by us. "Yes," I said, and the curtains of time and space parted for us both.

Our next meeting was with a gentleman and his dog. He covered his dog's eyes up as we neared. He told me, "I rescued him." I replied, "Good for you." "Yes," he said, "From next door." We kept walking though the dog looked calm as he went in the opposite direction with his owner.

Our next meeting was with a teenaged girl. She seemed a little afraid, so I assured her that Pixie was gentle and loving. She didn't want to get too close, which was all right. She asked me what kind of dog Pixie was. Of course, I told her a greyhound. She said that she and her mom were thinking about getting one. She then told me that her ex boyfriend had pit bulls. She said, "They were really sweet, but we want a small dog, my mom and me." We both left with smiles on our faces.

Our last encounter was with two gangly teenaged boys who were across the street. "Hey," one shouted, "Great dog!" "Thanks," I said, and we were home.

Now, Pixie is sleeping, and she has no idea of all the bits of joy she brought to people on our walk today. She was clearly the star of the show, but she's just too tired to care!


Nicki said...

what a cute story. hey do you actually live in Holland? Let me know because I spent a lot of time there for work.

rosebud101 said...

No, Nikki, I live in Minnesota in the US. Wish I were closer.

Sharon Driscoll said...

I enjoyed reading about Pixie's walk today. My grandfather always said if you want to make friends take a dog or a child with you - yup, isn't it grand the way people respond? Pixie is a sweetie.