Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Reason for the Season and the 50 other reasons why I really love Christmas!

The main reason I love Christmas is
the Reason for the Season.
Others are:

1) Christmas lights
2) Christmas cookies
3) Getting together with family and friends
4) Opening Presents
5) Receiving Christmas cards in the mail
6) Writing our family newsletter
7) Christmas trees
8) Christmas stockings
9) Midnight Mass
10) Christmas Carols
11) Christmas clothes
12) In this part of the country, snow, and usually lots of it
13) Enjoying the quiet of the season
14) Christmas Candles
15) The smell of pine trees
16) Birds feeding off of their feeders
17) Sunshine glistening on freshly fallen snow
18) The footprints of deer and rabbits in the snow
19) Rose hips contrasting their red with the white of snow
20) Bagging up the torn wrapping paper and ribbons
21) Christmas movies
22) Santa Claus
23) Playing games with the family
24) Phone calls to the family that lives out of town
25) Christmas dishes and glasses
26) Candles burning in the night
27) Christmas socks
28) Christmas clothes
29) Christmas jewelry
30) Christmas food
31) Remembering past Christmases
32) Looking at old photos
33) Taking new photos
34) Reading Christmas letters
35) Taking a late evening walk in the snow
36) Lighting luminarios
37) Leaving the Christmas lights on all night
38) Taking the Christmas tree down
39) Christmas cookies
40) Christmas candy
41) Lighting the last candle on the Advent wreath
42) Putting away the Christmas dishes
43) Dropping coins in the Salvation Army kettles
44) Driving out to see the Christmas lights around the city
45) Reading the Christmas story
46) Giving thanks for all we have
47) Packing the kids up to go home
48) Checking the Weather Channel to make sure the roads are still good.
49) Sending the kids home.
50) Sitting down and remembering this Christmas!


Courtney said...

Yeah! I am right there with you on your list. I love, love this time of year, every crazy minute! :)

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

That's a pretty definitive list Mallory! I love the lights and the twinkle - the magic.