Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just Playing - The Girls and Embossed Metal

This part is all Maggie's fault!
She posted about an online class she was taking.
I thought it sounded great, so I am taking it, too!
here are some of the fruits of that class.
The Girls!
I am making this for a friend's birthday on January 2.
Since I know that she doesn't ready my blog,
I can post it here!
This is not quite finished yet.
I have to add some kind of frame and hangar.  
I'll try to show you the finished product before her birthday!
This "girl" is a singing nun!  It's for my friend who is a nun.
I plan to put this on her Christmas card this year!
I love these little girls!
I plan to make more!

I've also been embossing metal.
That has been fun.
The next step will be to cut these pieces of brass, copper, and tin.
I tried to make bead caps using the embossed metal,
 but I found the embossing goes away.
so, it's back to etching for bead caps.
 These embossed  circles do make great jewelry.

I've been playing with paints and metal.
How have you been playing?


Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Hey Mallory - Go to Metalifferious on line and you can buy some great pre-etched metal that the patterns won't come out when you make caps. They come in copper and brass.

Maggie said...

Mallory, I love your girls and your two friends has inspired me to make a couple with two girls for my best friend since first grade and my best friend/college roommate/sister I always wanted even though I have two biological sisters.

Lori Anderson said...

Like it! I like pounding the heck out of metal some days....

rosebud101 said...

Sadly, I found that pounding the metal takes out the embossing! No pounding of this metal for me! It does feel good!