Monday, December 19, 2011

The Hoffman Family Christmas Newsletter - 2011

I'd be a big, fat liar if I said 2011 was a wonderful or awesome year!
It wasn't.
2011 will go down in our family's history as one of the most difficult years we have endured.
As you know, Jenny was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in July of 2010.
Her treatment plan was proceeding well,
but her numbers reached a point in 2011 where her oncologist felt that it was time to begin her 
stem cell transplant.

Jenny chose the University of Minnesota as the transplant center she would use.
This definitely made it easier for us regarding housing and taking care of pets.

I moved in with Jenny in late May.
Yes, I said, I moved in with her!  :0)
After all the pre-transplant tests were completed, the stem cell transplant began.
Jenny was admitted to the University of Minnesota Hospital.
Nick moved in with us for 3 weeks.
He was our rock through this difficult time!
 The stem cell transplant went exceptionally well.
Jenny had no complications.
Jenny did loose her beautiful hair, but it is growing back.

Of course, during the transplant, Nick would leave notes for the doctors and nurses saying,
"Proceed with enemas daily."
"Full rectal check."
This helped to lend levity in a most difficult time.

The rest of the summer was spent with Jenny recovering at home.
She did recover, and she is now back at work.
We were disappointed to find out that she didn't go into full remission as hoped,
but she is doing well.
Her oncologist, Dr. J,  has a good treatment plan for her.
Jenny has a lot of trust in him.
In spite of the side effects from her medication, Jenny is working full time and feeling better now.

While we were at Jenny's,
Walter, one of Jenny's cats, fell in love with Pixie.
Pixie liked him, but it just wasn't working for her.
Walter couldn't get enough of Pixie when they were together.
He was her constant companion on the bed, on the couch, well, you get the picture.
Walter was, and still is, smitten with Pixie.
Marvin, Jenny's other cat, prefered to ignore Pixie and give her an occasional hiss.

Nick is back in Chicago working hard and enjoying his life there.
I don't know what I would have done without him during the transplant!
He is an amazing man!  
He still gets to the gym, but, now, he says that he would rather the gym came to hiim!
That's what age will do to you.  :0)

I moved back home at the end of July after Jenny no longer needed a driver for her appointments.
It was so good to be home again.
It took me a while to recover from the transplant, but after about a month I was on the go again.
I reopened my Etsy store and began to make beads.
That felt good!

My children are the best things that ever happened to me!
I am so proud of both of them!
They proved their characters and strength in this difficult year.
I burst with pride and thankfulness when I realized the wonderful gift with which  God blessed me by giving me
Jenny and Nick
as my chidlren!
Thank you, Lord!

we will never forget you.
You were intense, and
I hope we never have to live through another year like you.

we welcome you with 
open and hopeful arms.

Merry Christmas!
Jenny, Nick, and I hope your 2011 was better than ours was.
Please continue your prayers for us.
We still need them.
They help!
They really do!

May you be abundantly blessed in 2012!
That's our prayer for you!


Beadwright said...

Tough year for sure. I am glad it is over as well.
Blessings and a very happy and healthy 2012

TesoriTrovati said...

That is one of the best family newsletters I have ever read! I love that you look back on the challenges of this past year with eyes wide open. You are breathing in all the 'something goods' that came from a scary situation. You are such a positive light, Miss Mallory. I am wishing you peace and happiness in 2012. Merry Christmas!
Enjoy the day.

Maggie said...

The Hoffman family has so many blessings, the greatest being the love you all have for each other. May you all have a wonderful Christmas, the perfect time to rejoice and be glad.

IAM said...

It really has been crazy hasn't it? I'm so thankful that your daughter is so much better than in the spring and summer. I've been keeping up with you, and have been rooting for you throughout the year.

Much love and Merry Christmas!

Laura said...

My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. You are an amazing woman! It has been wonderful to be able to stay in touch with you through the years. Say hello to your family for me.

Lots of love and prayers for everyone in the old neighborhood! Laura

Carol Jean / Lovethemsteiff said...

Hi Mallory, I enjoyed your Christmas letter. The hard times just make us appreciate our blessings all that much more. I'm glad your kids are both doing well right now, and that you are back making beads. Pixie is beautiful. Let's look forward to a great year ahead. God Bless you and your family, Carol~

Manuela said...

Dear Mallory, I am so impressed and I hope that 2012 will bring only joy, happy moments and health.

All my good wishes for you and your dearest, I am wishing you all happiness and want to say Thank you for all that beauty you have brought over the past years into my life,

♥ Manuela