Tuesday, December 6, 2011

When I get Stressed, I Make Murrini and I've Sure Been Making A Lot of It Lately!

It's so many things.
I wouldn't even know where to begin,
I have been stressed,
I have been making murrini.
For me, that is the great stress reliever.
As a result,
I have a lot of murrini listed in my Etsy store,
with more to come soon.
For my non lampworking friends,
murrini are small chips of glass that were formed by layering glass together to form a cane.
From that cane,
small chips are snipped.
These chips then become decoration on a bead by melting them in all the way or leaving them raised.
The result of applying these chips is a touch of silver and a floral pattern which may or may not interact with the glass below.
I love these murrini melted into the glass!

Murrini can come in all colors and even in shapes.
I think you can use hearts any time of the year.
 A barnacle murrini is one that has a transparent center and will fold in on itself.
See the example of this murrini?  I like this one, too.
It's called Barnacle Blue and I like the way it looks on glass.
Smudges is a multi colored cane.  The finished result has been compared to a beach ball.
It certainly has enough color, doesn't it?

 I've also started to twist murrini for a tornado type of finished look.
This is a barnacle twisted murrini.  It looks great on a bead!

I'll be adding more murrini to my Etsy store soon!
You should see my stash!
Anyway, I also hope to begin to add mixes!  They would be fun!
So, this is what I do to destress.
How do you destress?

PS:  Not to add more stress to your lives, but it's only 19 days until Xmas!


Shirley said...

I read, and bead! Love those canes. The hearts look amazing. I love the results of your stress. :)

rosebud101 said...

Thanks, Shirley! I wish reading did it for me, but there's nothing like a hot torch to help you destress. You can't think of anything else but that hot flame! :)

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

I make spacers, read, surf, or crochet. LOL- I used to clean the house when I was stressed and then I grew up....