Monday, December 26, 2011

Easy Peasy Tutorial - A Free Quick No Sew Fabric Bracelet

Yes, I said,
Are You Ready?
 Begin by cutting up old T Shirts.
One strip, from 3 different shirts, about an inch wide, will do to make this bracelet.
 Here's one strip cut.
Pull the yarn taut to curl the edges.

I used white, pink, and black for my bracelet.
I cut 24 inches of fabric for my bracelet.
I also cut the seam open.

Tie the yarn into a knot at one end.

Braid the yarn to fit your wrist.
If you want a snug fit, make sure the ends meet.
If you want a looser fit, braid a little bit more.
Take one piece of fabric and pull it up.

Bring that fabric up, around, and through as shown in the photo.

Pull the knot tight.

Form a loop.  Make sure that the knot on the other end of the braid will fit snuggly through the loop.

The knot needs to stay in the loop.  The loop and the knot are your closures.
 Tie knots at your fabric ends.  Trim the fabric to just above the knots.

Your bracelet is finished!

If you don't want to tie knots, you sure don't have to do that.
I think the bracelet looks great either way!

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Kokopelli said...

What a great tutorial! I think those bracelets would make nice summer jewelry, which could even get wet while bathing in the sea or something. And one doesn't have to be afraid to loose it. Thanks for sharing!