Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cocoa's Great Adventure

The story began last Thursday when Cocoa was at the groomer's.
Smart little dog that she is,
she managed to get through two doors to find and embrace freedom.  
She ran and ran and ran.
Her loving humans were always behind her by 5 or ten minutes.
She'd just been seen in the local ravine chasing a deer.
She was seen at Perkins Restaurant.
She was seen crossing a very busy street in our community.
Her humans had placed fliers all over our town,
Cocoa had fun running, chasing deer and other wild life in the ravines.
Sunday night, 
Cocoa came to visit me.
She flew across the retaining wall and into Pixie's fenced yard.
Pixie and Cocoa made friends right away.
Cocoa began to train me immediately.
She came into our home and was delighted that I followed her!!!
Upstairs, Cocoa had found her spot.
 and she was hungry!
This photo shows what's left of her second bowl of food!
Not to give away and ending, but she finished that bowl, too!!!
And she's off!!
She was so hungry.
last night,
I was able to meet Cocoa's humans.
What a lovely young couple!!
And, they love 
Cocoa so much!!
They were thrilled to have her home.
They showed me pictures of her sleeping.
They said she had been sleeping all day.
What an adventure!!!


Kokopelli said...

Glad she came to your home and made it home safe from there!

Maureen said...

I am so glad CoCoa is home! I also lost a dog once and she was also found!!
Home again!!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Cocoa found refuge in the right home, for sure! Now she's back with her forever family thanks to Pixie and Mom