Monday, March 3, 2014

Hearts for Jenny

I'm making 
"Hearts for Jenny."
They cost $10 plus shipping.
Shipping costs are $2 for domestic and $8 for international.
Some of these hearts have sold.
Some of these hearts are in my Etsy Store.
Click HERE to visit my store.
If you are interested in any of these hearts, let me know.
You can find me on Facebook or on Etsy.
I'll send you a Pay Pal Invoice.
Just be sure to check and make sure the heart is available.
Now, I have more hearts available.
My goal is to sell 100 hearts to help Jenny with her medical costs.
So far, we have sold 
We are almost at 20%!!!!!!!!
Thanks to all who have helped.
Now, take a look!
These are polymer clay hearts.
I call this set "Bright Hearts."

I call this set "Earth Tones."

I call this set "Weird Faces."
I hope you're interested!

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