Monday, March 17, 2014

It's Bead Soup Time Again, and this Year My Partner is.....

Leslie Schenkel 

I am sooooooooooo excited!
I sent Leslie her Bead Soup today.
I hope she likes them.
The only problem was that I could not find a clasp that I liked until I went to Lisa Liddy's Etsy store
Lisa has mailed the clasp to Leslie,
so I can't show you a photo of that.
However, I can show you a photo of the 
Bead Soup
I sent to Leslie!
Here it is!

Boy, that's really blurry, isn't it?
I'm sorry.
I'll post another one later.
I hope you like your soup!

1 comment:

Shaiha said...

What a tease! I would love to see what you sent as you make the prettiest beads.