Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Easy Peasy Wire Earring Tutorial - Doodles in a Half An Hour or Less

These earrings are quick and easy to make.
You can add a little bead on the end to dangle. 
I will later, but for now,
I didn't.
So here's what you need.

A mandrel - I used an American sized 13 knitting needle
2 feet of 20g craft wire
a pair of ear wires
a ruler
a pair of wire cutters
a pair of round nose pliers

Take each 12 inch length of wire and wrap around your mandrel in a tight spiral.

Remove the wire from the mandrel and flatten.

Slowly and gently pull the flattened wires apart until they are the same length.

Make a loop on each end of the wire.
Attach one loop of each wire to an ear wire.
(Optional: add a wire wrapped bead to the other end of the looped wire.)
There you have it!

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