Saturday, August 9, 2014

Listing Saturday - Memories from Summers Long Ago

Now that I’m older, on those very HOT and HUMID days, I pray for a cool breeze.  When I was a kid, there just wasn’t enough summer.

I remember summers growing up.  They were so much fun. 

We played outside, and it didn’t matter if it was HOT or not. 

We slept in the front porch with only a single latch to keep us safe. 

We rode bikes until we heard someone yell that it was time to go home.  No, we didn’t have cell phones then, either. 

We played and played and played.  We only went home to eat and check in.

Not being able to go out and play was the WoRST punishment EVER!

We lived in T-Shirts, shorts and sandals.

Even a hot bath was cool and refreshing.

In the desert Southwest where I grew up, the days were HOT and the nights were cool.

Our Houses were HOT until the cool breezes took out the heat.

We rarely had a cooked meal in the summer.

We ate sandwiches and chips and salads, if we had to eat them.

Covers, who needed them at night?  A light sheet was more than enough cover.

The TV was hardly ever turned on.

If we were bored, we went to the pool or the library.

The library had air conditioning. 

The library was very popular in the summer.

You could always find friends at the pool.

I didn’t have a bike until I was nine, but I had fun with my friends anyway.

My feet burned on the hot pavement and asphalt since I didn't wear shoes.

Summer as over, then we had to go to school.

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Izzybeads by Laney said...

Thank you for the memory, I remember those days so well, sitting on the high wall kicking our legs out and watching caterpillars crawl up our arms...oh to be young again :)