Monday, August 11, 2014

Walking with Pixie: Signs of Fall and Cheesecake for Breakfast

What a surprise this morning as Pixie and I walked!  Yesterday, this tree was all green.  Today, the first real signs of fall appeared, almost magically as Pixie and walked early in the day. 

I've seen the Sumacs change.  They usually begin to change at the end of July or early August.  Right now they are bright red speckled with brown holes where the insects have been feeding.

We walked until we were tired, and Pixie "did her business."  I had a big sack full to take home with me, and  I don't have to tell you what that was!

Then, it was time for left overs!
Oh, this cheese cake was delicious!
I'm glad I saved this from yesterday.
Made my breakfast.
Made my day.

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