Wednesday, August 6, 2014

On Being Productive...How do you do it?

Bees are always busy.  They move from flower to flower gathering nectar.  They return to the hive and only to go out in search of more.  Their production rates would put us to shame, but, then, we're not bees.  We have to find a balance in all we do, at least, I do. 

There's work. 
There's play. 
There's a time to socialize.
There's a time for creativity. 
There's also time needed for rest.
I have some very big projects getting ready to go at home.  In order to meet the deadlines, I think I'm going to have to put in a lot of time working and very little time playing, creating, socializing, and resting.  I already feel unbalanced.   My one consolation is that when this project is finished, I will have more than enough time for creativity, play, and socializing.

Now, my challenge is this:: What is the most effective way for me to be productive?  After all, all work and no play...Yes, I have to sneak in some of what I like to do. 

An online friend of mine posted her ideas on being productive.  She said that this method works great for her.  I plan to use this method because,


The breakdown is simple:: 45 minutes of work
                                            15 minutes of relaxation.

During that 15 minutes she has pop, snacks, and the TV ready to go.  The timer is set.  At the end of 45 minutes, no matter where she is in a project, all work stops completely.  For 15 minutes, she rests.  She might have a glass of wine or a glass of water or a glass of pop.  She snacks a bit.   Then, at the end of 15 minutes, she's back to work.  She has reported that she can put in an 11 hour day and work very productively.  I'm giving this a try.  I probably won't put in 11 hour days, but I can put in an 8 hour day and accomplish a lot. 

So, what are your ideas about production?
What do you do and how do you do it?
I'd love to hear.
All of this can be used as beaders, bead makers, jewelry designers or just painting the house.
Let us hear your ideas!

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