Saturday, August 30, 2014

Listing Saturday:: A Plan:: What I want:: How I will Do it!

I want to enjoy a rainy day
I will put aside everything else that I don’t have to do.
I will stop what I am “working” on that day.
I will not use the word work.
I will take five minutes to listen to the rain.
I will find that book I am reading, and pick it up.
I will make a cup of tea and put it by the table on the couch.
I will lay on the couch and read my book

I want to make lamp work glass beads.

I will go down to my studio.
I will dip mandrels in bead release.
I will clean up my work area while the bead release is drying.
I will turn on my oxygen generator.
I will turn on my kiln.
I will sweep the floor.
I will pick out the glass I will use.
I will begin to wind glass on the mandrels.
I will put the completed beads in the kiln.
I will work for one hour making beads.

I want to veg out.

I will turn off my phone.
I will turn off my computer.
I will turn on my music.
I wil pour myself a glass of wine.
I will not answer the door if someone knocks.
I will put a cool cloth over my eyes and forehead.
I will close my eyes.
I will sleep for as long as I want.
I will breathe deeply when I wake up.
I will take a warm bath with beautiful scented oils.
I will remain quiet.
I will breathe.

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Sharon Driscoll said...

How did I get behind on reading your blog. I love your plan! I need a plan - it's like giving yourself permission - we need permission to do those things. I'm listening to the rain outside - maybe I need to make a plan too.