Saturday, November 22, 2014

Listing Saturday:: Reasons to Never Do a Show Where People Only want Free Things

1) The only people looking at my table were little kids with dirty, snotty, greasy fingers. 

2) Parents weren't paying any attention to the kids. 

3) People only want free things.

4) I don't sell free things.

5) Follow your gut about what the show will be like.

6) Realize that you should have listened to your gut an just stayed home.  

7) Realize that even though you feel that this was a total waste of time, you learned a lesson.

8) You do meet some nice people.

9) No one was looking at your beads.

10) Making $5 is not worth the work. 

1 comment:

Kokopelli said...

So sorry to hear that! Hope your next show is better. I have my first of two tomorrow.