Monday, August 17, 2015

What makes you think of fall? 10 ideas for inspiration about fall.

I don't know where you live, 
but this weekend, where I live,  felt

It was HOT and very HUMID

I tried to produce beads and pens that reminded me of

Well, to be truthful,
I don't think I succeeded, but
I still like these beads.

That's not the blog topic today!
I'm hoping to inspire you to think about fall.
Here are ten ideas to consider.
In order to shake the summer out of your brain, grab a pencil and paper, and write down the ideas that come to your mind when you think about these scenarios.

1) If school hasn't started where you live, it will soon.  Some of the teachers I know report for workshops tomorrow.  What kind of beads does this bring to mind for you?
I'm thinking books, pencils, pens, crayons?

2) The days become cloudy and it rains more frequently.  
What kinds of beads do you see?
I see boots, clouds, and smiley faces.

3) The leaves begin to fall from trees.  First they change colors, then they drift off the trees.
This one should be fairly obvious.

4) Pods form from the plants that flowered in the summer.
I love pods, don't you?

5) Squirrels are getting fat, and they are hiding the nuts that form on the trees.
Squirrels would be fun?
Acorns are easy to make.

6) Autumn is when we start to wear our sweaters and jackets.
Look at the colors in your fall clothing.  Very pretty.

7) Days are growing shorter.
What would be better to use than glass or clay that glows in the dark.

8) Crops are beginning to ripen.  Apples, pumpkins, squash are all being harvested.
That's pretty easy to visualize.

9) Halloween is drawing closer.  
I don't make many holiday beads, but bats, pumpkins, and treats are fun to make.

10) Thanksgiving is also approaching.
I see cornucopias, pilgrim hats, and turkeys.
Were your ideas different from mine?
What do you think would make good beads for autumn?

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