Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It's the Perfect Blue...

As I read more about happiness and happy people, 
I find there is a direct link to
happiness and gratitude.

Studies have shown and continue to show that 
happy people are grateful people.

The practice of gratitude
releases serotonin and dopamine
in our brains.
Both of these chemicals 
increase the feelings of happiness 
and decrease the feelings of 
and hopelessness.

I was diagnosed with clinical depression about 5 years ago.
Each day can be a battle.
I know what happens with clinical depression.
It's a living hell on earth.
I am not speaking of this lightly.
When you are clinically depressed,
being grateful for anything is, at best, difficult.
However, the good news is that it's not impossible.

It takes effort and time, and you need to continue to work with your doctor.
However, what I have found is this:
Writing down, each day, at least one thing for which you are grateful, is the beginning of healing.
Remember gratitude journals?
There is great wisdom in using one.

Somedays, the only thing you might be able to write down is that
"It's night time, at last.  I can go to sleep."
(One of my journal entries.)
"At least, the house didn't fall down today."
(another entry)
"When I fell down, I didn't break a bone."
(Yes, another entry.)

The beginning of happiness is being grateful for the small things.
 "That blue is the perfect blue."

Yes, it's a small thing, but I am grateful.

Look around you.
What will go on your list of gratitude today?

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