Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Trip to the Thrift Store and the Dollar Store = Props and some fun Bracelets!

My first stop was at the thrift store next to the Dollar Store.
I check their jewelry for rosaries and beads I can use to make rosaries.
I didn't find anything I liked in the way of beads for rosaries, 
I did find these wonderful bracelets!
I am wearing them now on both wrists!
They go together well.
The bracelet with daggers is elastic.
The embroidered bracelet is held together with velcro.
The bangle is a bangle and slips over my wrist very nicely.
Total cost: $5.76.
I was happy!

Next stop was at the Dollar Store.
When my props aren't available, I look for alternative ones.
I am not making beads this week, but I am taking pictures of earrings because on
November 5-6
Juli Cannon is having another extravaganza on Art Beads on Facebook. 
As I hinted, 
this time we will be showing off and, hopefully, selling earrings to get ready for the Christmas holidaze!

I'll show you some of my earrings later, but first, I'll show you the props!
I'm not sure which props I'll use,
but the base will be the tiles on the table.
That's where the bracelets were photographed.

Yes, that's a kleenex box.  I have to figure out how to cover the label, though.
Then, there's the wine glass and snowflakes, the rocks, the boxes, the star, the ornaments.
They simply need to be there,
without intruding into the picture of the earrings. 
I think I like the blue background the best. 
I don't know.
What do you think?

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Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Great finds and a wonderful post.