Friday, November 13, 2015

Three Beautiful Things This Week

Three Beautiful Things This Week was inspired by a wonderful blog that Clare writes called Three Beautiful Things. Everyday, Clare writes about 3 Beautiful Things that happen each day in her life. It's a wonderful blog! I can only hope to imitate her in a very small way.
1) This rain could have been a lot of snow.  Our grass is still green, not brown or white.  That's really big for this time of year.
2) Thanksgiving is only two weeks away, or so.  Weight Watcher's is going well.  I've lost 10 pounds to date!  Now, I just have to learn how to watch my weight during the holidaze!
 3)  Pixie knows it's cold now.  She refuses to get out of bed unless lured by the promise of a treat!  The Girl keeps me laughing.

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