Monday, November 2, 2015

I Like Growing Old or Old Age is not for Sissies...

I'm enjoying myself more and more
as I age.

I dyed my hair pink a year and a half ago.
That caused a bit of a stir.
I've sure enjoyed having 
pink hair.
I hope to have my hair pink until the day I die.
There are those women who have come up to me and said,
"I wish I had your courage."
It doesn't take courage,
it just takes hair dye.
Why not have some fun?

I bought a wonderful pair of slippers.
Actually, I thought I was just buying some very warm shoes.
Turned out they were slippers.
They have hard souls.
They look a bit funky.
I put them on in the morning, and I tend to forget them.
I'm sure on a snowy day, I will remember to change them, I hope!

i wear bright colored clothes and funky shoes.
I wear clunky jewelry that stands out in a crowd.
You can have your gold and your silver, too.
I'll take my glass and polymer clay with great big focals and beads
and earrings that hang to my shoulders.
I learned a great trick from my doctor.
She keeps reminding me that I'm geriatric.
I have Reynaud's Syndrome in my hands.
That means they get really cold.
Use Vicks or Icy Hot on them and they will warm up quickly.
That's one of the challenges of age,
you do smell like Vick's a lot!
I have started to read the obituaries.
I remember the "old folks" doing that.
It's just that, at my age,
many people younger than me have begun to die.
I am surprised at some of the names I see, and I wonder...
Things change.
Times change.
People change.

I've already lived longer than I am going to live.
I feel blessed.

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