Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Worth Repeating: 10 Things about Me (Pixie)

1) In my house, no one gives me treats or feeds me, at least, that's what I tell my friends at Pet Expo.  Then THEY give me treats and THEY pet me. 
2) I really like junk food, at least, that's what my human says it is.  I don't think it's junk!  It's good food!
3) When I get hot, I sure do like those sponge baths!  They cool me off, and then I can sleep really well!
4) I still don't get it, but one day two men came into my house and took away my couches!  There were new couches there when I came back downstairs, and they were really more comfortable, but I don't know why they took my couches away.
5) I have a lot of friends who live near me.  Buck lives across the street with his human.  Gracie lives at the end of the block with her human.  Then there's my Auntie Helen and Uncle Curt.  They live next to Gracie and her human.  I really like all my friends.
6) I don't get it.  I know it's polite to sniff someone's butt, but my human says that we don't do that in this house.  I really don't get it.
7) My human knows Jenny who has two cats.  Those cats scare me.  I have to do what they tell me to do.  One time, I wanted to get on the couch at Jenny's house, Walter told me I had to sleep on the floor.  I did.  I don't get it.  He wasn't even on the couch with me.  Sheesh!  Those cats are sure bossy!
8) My human knows Nick.  I don't get to see him very often, but he sure loves me.  He's always telling me how pretty I am!  He rubs my ears!  He's not like those cats that Jenny has!
9) Another thing that I don't get are toys.  What are toys and why does my human want me to play with them?  Doesn't she know I'd rather sleep?  Then she wants to play "Where's Pixie?"  She can see me.  I don't get it!  Why doesn't she know where I am?
10) Life can be so confusing.   Sometimes I just shut my eyes and I am running in that ring chasing that rabbit.  That's so much fun!  And then I get to meet people!  I love people!  Sigh!   I love my dreams!

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