Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February: The Month of Love, so What is Love?

Before we define 
we need to know that there are different types of 
We tend to think of love as the love of a man and a woman expressed through sex.
Love is not sex.
The emotional part of love might be expressed in sex, but 
Love is much more than sex.
Love can be the love of parents for their children.
Love can be the love of children for their parents.
Love can be the love of a sister for a sister or a brother for a brother or a sister's love for a brother or a brother's love for a sister.
Love can be the love of extended family for one another.
Love can be the love that exists between friends.
Love can be the emotion associated with a home, a building,  a book, an object, an animal, a place.
Love can be the love we have for God and God for us.
Love is alive in everything! 
 How, then, is love expressed.  What are the commonalities of love whether they exist in married love or the love of a child and parent?
Love expresses itself to the beloved with:
Love does not seek to hurt the beloved.
Rather Love seeks to treat the beloved with kindness and respect.  
Love puts the welfare of the beloved before it's own welfare.
Love is expressed through listening and responding without being rude or seeking to protect it's own point of view above the Beloved.
Love doesn't allow anger to overtake their treatment of the Beloved, nor does anger brood over misunderstandings.
Love seeks to understand rather than condemn.  Love tries to compromise when arguments happen,
and they will happen. 
If sadness or mistakes happen to the Beloved, the lover does not rejoice over these happenings.
Rather, love seeks to support and protect the Beloved.
Love, when the times are difficult, bears and endures with the Beloved.
Love, in difficult times, hopes in the future, and works towards the future.
Love, in difficult times,  believes that the commitment to love is binding and carries into the future.
Love is...
 What do you think Love is?

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