Thursday, February 4, 2016

I made these! Gluten Free Cheese Sticks

One of the things I've learned about gluten free cooking is that the texture of the product might be very different than what you are used to eating.
This recipe, although very good, is no exception.
I found this recipe on Facebook.
You don't have to be on Facebook to access the recipe.
Here's the link.
If you like cauliflower,
you will love this recipe.
If you don't like cauliflower,
you will love this recipe.

You only need to remember, that the texture of these cheese sticks is not the same as bread sticks.

With the Superbowl coming up this weekend,  you might consider these as a lower calorie experiment.  There is a lot of cheese in this recipe.  I cut the amount of cheese in half to save some calories.  
The "cheese" sticks tasted good, but they aren't bread sticks. 
Would I make them again?
Yes, I think so.
They were good.

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