Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Making Pixie's Food...

She's 11 now.  She has a stenosis for which she takes medication.
The medication upsets her tummy.
Her regular food makes her tummy upset.  When I give her the expensive food which will help her tummy, she refuses to eat it, 
she doesn't like it!
So, I did a little research, and now, I make her meals.
Yesterday, I changed the recipe, a little.
I thought she was not feeling well because she refused to eat it.
A friend suggested I give her ice cream.
I didn't have ice cream, so I gave Pixie some yogurt.
She ate the entire container!
She licked the container clean.
I offered her chicken broth.
She drank it like she was using a straw!
I offered her some of the food I made.  She put some in her mouth and spit it out.  
She just didn't like the recipe.  I had changed it a bit.  I added parsley.  She didn't like the parsley.
Lesson learned.
Today, I made her food, and I didn't add parsley!  It was like Pixie was a vacuum!
I'm not an expert on making her food from scratch.  I think I still need to add some nutrients to the mix.  Here's my basic recipe.  I don't claim this will work for you.  If I were you, I would research making your own pet foods.  

Pixie's dog Food
Cooked rice.  To keep it fresh, I only make 2 cups of rice at a time.
Ground turkey or chicken, cooked.  I use about a half a pound per batch of food.
Half a can of canned pumpkin per batch.
1 small baked sweet potato per batch.
Half a package of frozen vegies: no corn or peas.  This time I used broccoli and cauliflower.
1 heaping tablespoon of coconut oil per batch.  I add that to the rice before I cook it.
Organic chicken broth.  I add enough so that the rice is not dry.

At this point I use my food processor.  I add the veggies, pumpkin and sweet potato and mush them up.  Then I add the rice and mush it up a bit.  Not much.  I add the chicken or turkey and finish mushing it up. 

Pixie gets about 2 cups per serving.  I don't know what your pet would need.  She loves this.  I'd like to add parsley, but Pixie won't eat the food then.  If you have better recipes, please let me know.  I'd love to make her something different.  I'm not sure she'll eat it, but it's worth the try!

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