Monday, February 15, 2016

As I write This, It's Snowing....

According to reliable sources, 
there are 34 days until spring.  
I am craving my woman cave.
I want to make soap.
I want to work with polymer clay.
I want to drink a glass of wine and eat dinner in the warm cave.
I want my neighbors to see the pink.
I want to celebrate the warmer days.
Oh, I can hardly wait for spring, but
it will probably snow that day.

I want Pixie to fall asleep in the car with the windows open
so that all the fresh air can make her tired.

I want my neighbors and friends to join me in the celebration of community and life.I'm so r
I want to see a plush, green lawn, and some dandelions peeking over the edges.
I want to take the garbage cans outside and know that I won't slip on the ice.
I want to sip iced tea in the cave.
I want to clean out the cave.
It's that time of year when people get cranky and tired of winter.
We all want to trade in the boots for crocs and sandals.
We want to trade in the jeans for shorts and tanks.
 I know, I know,
We're on the road to spring.
I hope it gets here soon.

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