Friday, July 22, 2016

Three Beautiful Things This Week: Actually, One Amazing Thing This Week!

Three Beautiful Things This Week was inspired by a wonderful blog that Three Beautiful Things. Everyday, Clare writes about 3 Beautiful Things that happen each day in her life. It's a wonderful blog! I can only hope to imitate her in a very small way.

1) Today's is my baby's 37th birthday!  Weighing in at 9 pounds 11 ounces,
we knew that he was going to be something special, and he is!

2) He's a tall man!  The picture on the left shows him in high school when he hit 6'4" in height.  Buying him jeans was a challenge, because at that time, I needed to buy new jeans for him every 6 months!  I was glad when he quit growing.

3) Sometimes, it's hard to earn your parents' trust and know that they are proud of you!  If the boy ever doubted, his father and I have always been so proud of all that he's done and all he's accomplished in his life!  Amazing!  Yes, he is!

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