Thursday, July 21, 2016

Making Pickles

Turning off the television was a good thing.
I found the recipe for these refrigerator pickles,
I made them.  

If you want to make these pickles,
for the recipe.

It's a very tasty pickle.
You can also add other veggies and let them pickle along with the 

When I turned off the TV I realized that I was also turning off the negativity of the election cycle.
I'm old,
I don't remember an election that was so vicious.
I don't remember a time when issues were so violent and people were so ready to fight and kill.
Pickles were a nice respite from all of this,
even though my son teased, that
"Aunt Clara made better pickles."

Aunt Clara was my late husband's aunt.
She did make good pickles,
my darling son,
My Pickles are much better than hers!

Technically, we could eat the pickles now, but I have found that the pickles taste much better after a full week of sitting in the brine.
I'll let you know what the verdict is.
I also have another recipe for pickles that I plan to make when more dill matures in my garden.
And, you know what,
Those are even better!

Aunt Clara,
I'm sorry to say
move over,
there's a new pickle queen here.
To my darling son,
my pickles aren't just good,
they are

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