Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Like looking at a Cat in the Window...

That's good.
Life, flows like a river that becomes 
an event, and we all stand staring at the cat in the window.
The cat looks back,
stabilizing the view 
of the cat looking back at me.

The perspective is somewhat skewed from our point of view.  I see the cat, and the cat sees me, but nothing moves
except the cat who stretches and  moves to make himself more comfortable.

The dishes still need to be washed.
A daily task.
We're blessed to have food to put on our plates, food that is good and nutritious.
The carpet needs to be cleaned, but that's the blessing of use.
The dog needs to be fed, and she's blessed that there is food for her.

I look at the cat in the window,
on his tower
in the window. 
The cat still looks out at me.

Then, there's the issue of socks.
Why should socks be an issue?
Well, they're not.
They just fill the washer and one gets lost.
Where do these socks go?
No one seems to know.
 I'd be rich if I could find the other sock again.
I look at the cat.
He's still in his tower looking back at me.

There is a blessing in the stability of that cat that looks at me.

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