Monday, July 18, 2016

Sometimes Really Bad Things Do Happen to Good People

So, today is Monday.
For most of us, that's the start of the work week,
unless you love your job above all else, 
most of us cringe.
It's a season of the work week.
Our lives are full of seasons.
In my younger years, I was able to enjoy life with very little sleep.
I still don't sleep well, but my days go better if I get in a nap or two after a bad night.
That was the season of youth.
Then came marriage and children.
Those were the seasons of partnership and little sleep 
because my children were terrible sleepers.
Then came high school for my children.
That was the season of waiting up and racing to bed as soon as a car turned in the driveway and pretending to be asleep.
Then came the season of breaking away as my children graduated high school and went on to college.
Then I had every reason to sleep,  but I was out of the habit of sleep by then.
I spent many sleepless nights praying for sleep and for my children.
Do you see a theme here?
For me, sleep is a rare and precious jewel, but that is part of the journey.
Then came the season of the empty nest when both of the kids were gone and were establishing themselves in their chosen field of occupation.
That should have left time to travel, but retirement had to come first.
The season of retirement finally arrived, but with that came a diagnosis of a fatal, incurable cancer.
That season was 1 year and 20 days from diagnosis to death.
Sleep was rare in that season.
Then came the season of widowhood and being the parent to guide my adult children through the storms of grief.
The storms were fierce and we had to navigate them with just ourselves.
Sleep was difficult for all of us.
Then, as we felt the season of grief lifting away, another season came crashing down on us,
and that was the season of the same vicious cancer,
only, this time, it was the adult girl child.
That season has continued for 6 years now, and she continues to bravely fight her way through the minefield of cancer.
When this season will end, I don't know.  She's a fierce fighter, and she won't give up.
Now, the season has come where I have a roommate again, and that is the woman who won't quit.
She is unable to work, so she is now my roomie.
It's a new season of untested waters as we work to get along with each other,
and, yes,
sleep is still rare.
As in a parallel universe, it is also gardening season, and the harvest is already abundant.
I love the time I spend in that garden, in spite of the mosquito bites, in spite of the worms and bugs,
in spite of the worm poop I use to fertilize my plants.
They must love this seasoning because they are huge and are already bearing much fruit.
I buy the worm poop at the local farmer's market.
I'm in the later seasons of my life.
What comes next?
I don't know.
I just know that sometimes, really bad things do happen to good people, and, when they do, there just isn't much we can do to prevent them from happening, we can only deal with them as they unfold.
Acceptance is one of the keys.
Gratefulness, yes, that's what I said,
We need to look for the good things each day, even if it's only, I'm going to sleep now.
That's a wonderful thing, sleep, that is.
Now, I'm going to work in the season of my garden.
That is the parallel universe that helps to keep me sane in the midst of our trials and struggles.
I am grateful for my garden,
I am most grateful for sleep.


chesneykat said...

I am going through a very trying season. I sleep badly during the night . I wish o could take a nap during the day but it's impossible. I am grateful and thankful to God for being able to fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning.

rosebud101 said...

chesneykat, I can only wish you peace filled with sleep. Thanks for commenting.