Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Day for Closure--The Transition is Made

Technically, today did not qualify as a true Indian Summer Day, but I think it was. Traditionally, an Indian Summer day is a day following a hard, killing frost, before the snow falls, that is wonderfully warm in late October or early November. Since we have already had 3 measurable snow falls, today didn't actually qualify as an Indian Summer day, but on the other accounts, it did. Our high was 67 wonderful degrees at the start of November! We have had several hard, killing frosts. The landscape has changed remarkable from summer. The leaves are off the trees now, and they are sharp and brittle. When you walk on them you hear the crunch of cornflakes before the milk is poured in the bowl.

I knew I had to finish the leaves today. Last week I raked for several hours to get as many leaves as I could to the curb before the street department brought their trucks by to suck the leaves from my front curb. After the momentous raking sessions last week, I also went to the hardware store and bought a leaf blower. Why we didn't do that years ago, I don't know. In my book it's one of the most wonderful inventions since the advent of the light bulb! I blew the remainder of the leaves to a place where I will mow them and mulch them tomorrow in about 15 minutes. This tool is an amazing tool!

As the leaves blew, waves formed and the air caused undulations and patterns. I caught myself thinking, if only I could catch that wave in a bead! I even took a video of the process, but between using the leaf blower in one hand and the camera in the other, I could not catch the amazing waves of leaves. Another day. Things are changing now.

This little garden which yielded tomatoes and herbs is still alive in spite of the frosts and freezes. Of course, the tomatoes are gone, but the herbs hang on. I was able to smell the each herb as I cupped my hands around this final aromatic supper. Tomorrow I shall cut the herbs back and bring them into the house to dry. The change is almost finished. Transition time has come full circle.

Tomorrow, we will put the lawn mower away and will bring the snow blower to the front of the garage. The herbs will be cut and dried or frozen. Pixie and I might head over to the dog park for a final romp before the cold returns along with the ice and snow. The circle will be complete. Summer is over! We are heading towards spring once again!

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