Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yeah or Nay? Iced Tea in the Winter!

I get it. Minnesota winters will put hair on the most delicate of chests.
50 degrees is considered tank top and sandal weather. So, why is it getting more difficult to order iced tea at a restaurant in the cool months of the year? Beats me! Restaurants are taking it off their menus!

What do you think: Yeah or Nay for iced tea in the winter?


Leah said...

I would drink iced tea all year. Inside the restaurant should be warm and cozy.

I know I drink more hot tea in the winter.. but thats not to say I don't appreciate the choice!

Pretty Things said...

I love iced tea but am not that big a fan of hot tea. And it's next to impossible for me to find SWEET tea in a restaurant. I don't like adding sugar to already-cold tea -- it never dissolves well enough!