Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And the Winners Are!!!!!!!!

Well, there were two winners for this blog give away, and I need for them to contact me, please. If for some reason the link doesn't link, contact me either on Etsy or post on this blog. I need to get your snail mail address.

There were two prizes. One is the pint jar full of nubs and the other prize is a bead made from nubs. See the photo below the nubs.

Moon Katty Studios was the first to post, so you will get first choice as to whether you would like the nubs or the bead. Let me know in your reply. Congratulations and thank you for entering!

The second place winner is:
Lori Anderson of Pretty Things!
Thank you for entering! I have more nubs if you would like them rather than the bead. Just let me know, Lori!

Again, thank you both for entering!

1 comment:

Moon Katty Studios said...

Neato burrito! I am excited! I convoed you on Etsy with my snail mail because the link didn't work for me. I choose the nubs. I like nubs. Thank you!!